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Stone... whether it be a piece of gorgeous,  faceted amethyst or a simple rock found on a mountain hike with my grandgirlies ... well, it fascinates me. I love the reality of it;  the incredible details and originality of each one....Just like people!  I love using found items like stone, old jewelry, vintage beads, feathers, and fiber and mixing them up with crystals and copper and oooh...freshwater pearls... sometimes just to see what happens. Again... kind of like being in a fun group of strangers!  

So, if you like the unusual with the classic, love having friends of all descriptions, or maybe just like to watch old movies while tweeting... well, then, I think we just might have something in common...

 I hope you find yourself here...Pamela

Our business motto is "Beauty Within Grasp"... because finding the beautiful in the things that surround us is the first step to finding the beauty within ourselves.  It is how we learn what we value, what we would keep, remember and share; and ultimately it is how we learn those things about ourselves. 

I name each piece that I create as a way to capture a bit of the beauty that inspired it and keep it's memory alive.  It is my hope that in doing so it may inspire you to find the beauty that is within YOUR grasp...  

In memory of my beautiful daughter, Briana... loved and missed.

Pamela Gregan
Owner/Designer Hold Fast Artworks/Photoworks


We are located in Tanque Verde, Arizona (the far east side of Tucson).  

Hold Fast Artworks studio is open by appointment only. Contact Information below.

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Whozitz and Whatzitz Unique Gifts and Cards

 3184 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016      (602) 374-5963     www.whozitzandwhatzitz.com


Positive Strokes Art School & Gallery

125 W Colfax St, Palatine, IL 60067    (847) 7005-7130      www.positivestrokesartschool.com

Tanque Verde, Arizona 

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